As a leading provider of integrated supply, procurement and logistics services, Dutch Valley has thousands of customers across five business segments, including the 15 largest U.S. defense firms and the 7 largest global defense companies.

As a leading supplier of high-technology and specialized products to the global defense and aerospace markets, Dutch Valley delivers a broad range of commercial materials for facility maintenance and operational needs along with a wide variety of weapon system spares.

Weapon Systems Integration

  •   Introducing New Technology onto Legacy Systems
  •   Product Approval Engineering
  •   Source Approval Request (SAR) for spare/repair parts
  •   Integration of Existing and Enhanced Products
  •   Field Services for U.S. Department of Defense


Military Aftermarket Analysis & Strategy Development

  •   Weapon System Modification Programs
  •   Military Business Development
  •   Systems Requirement and Planned Phase Out


Specialized Distribution Systems

  •   International Aerospace Distribution
  •   U.S. Department of Defense Distribution & Technology
  •   Commercial Aerospace Fastener Distribution
  •   E-Procurement Technologies
  •   Proprietary Software Systems


Repair & Rotable Inventory Pools

Our government segment provides a wide array of services and solutions primarily to the U.S. Department of Defense.

As part of our continuing effort to assist our military and manufacturing partners, rotable inventory pools are established in select markets to fulfil...


Military Supply Chain Management

  •   Military Customer Support & Logistics
  •   Supply Chain Visibility Reporting
  •   Proprietary Military Distribution Systems
  •   Military Spares Contract Administration
  •   Project Management


Product Sourcing

  •   Boeing Licensee, B1 Aircraft
  •   Military and Aerospace Fasteners
  •   Customer Programs
  •   Emergency Procurement


Market Research

  •   Mergers & Acquisitions
  •   Competitor and Contractor Analysis
  •   Product Demand Analysis
  •   End-User Feedback on Product Performance
  •   Technical Publications